Why have you wanted to know the sex of your baby?

Why have you wanted to know the sex of your baby?

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A friend has just given birth and another surprise: she had her fifth boy! I agree with your opinion that what matters is not the gender of the baby but that it arrives healthy and without complications. Her five pregnancies were almost perfect, so much so that I always tell her that she is made to have children.

The only thing is that it does not matter whether it is a boy or a girl. At each check-up she always asks the gynecologist "even if you see the sex of my baby, don't tell me, please."

For other reasons, I have not been able to know the sex of my baby either. And I confess that I did not need it. I love surprises, secrets, emotions, the unknown ... Having a child is so natural that I believe that as such it must come in a special way, without name or identity. But since "there are colors to taste", I fully respect who wants to know the sex of the baby they are expecting. I guess any reason is justifiable in some way. But I would like to know, why have you wanted to know the sex of your baby?

Today, with so many techniques and methods, fallible or not, to know the sex of the baby, it is very rare that a couple does not want to know. Family and friends miss because they are interested in knowing the sex of the baby to choose the gift and other purchases. Many parents also find it strange since they believe that knowing the sex of the baby makes it easier to have clearer ideas regarding the decoration of the baby's room, the clothes, choosing the name and even imagining the face it will have the creature.

Those who choose to know the sex of the baby are clear from the moment they know they are pregnant. They believe that from the moment they know the sex of the baby they carry inside, it seems that the creature gains personality, that you can now call it by its name and that you can also prepare personalized gifts: the basket with its embroidered name, a cross stitch picture with the name of the boy or girl, choose the most suitable color for their room, for their clothes, etc.

Although it is possible to know the sex of the baby through an ultrasound at 20 weeks of gestation, there are parents who prefer to follow methods without any scientific basis. There are people who know if it is a boy or a girl depending on how an alliance attached to a chain swings in front of the future mother's belly; others according to the shape of the belly (if it is very round it will be a girl and if it is something pointed it will be a boy) and others still observe the mother's cravings, in case they are for something sweet or salty. There are many techniques of this type to guess the sex of the baby, do you know any more?

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