Back to school expenses increase

Back to school expenses increase

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The September slope begins for many families with children, who these days will have to face the increase in expenses of going back to school for the purchase of textbooks and school supplies.

According to the report presented by the Confederation of Consumers and Users of Spain (CECU) on school spending, this year families will spend twice as much as last year. We are talking about the January slope, but for families the real uphill is the one that begins after the summer. Bringing children up to date at school is becoming more expensive every year.

And it is that the growth of children in summer forces them to buy new clothes and footwear, books and school supplies, whose bill will be increased this year, according to CECU, at least double that of last year. However, to deal with this situation, parents are being advised to recycle their children's textbooks, so that some of them can be inherited from siblings, friends or cousins. And following this recommendation, for years, I have been saving my oldest son's books for the little one and his cousins, and there is no way. I can only save two or three. Why?

The change of textbooks for their corresponding updates seems logical. But, the complaints of the parents with whom I usually interact go in another direction. Publishers change every year, the same subject is not studied with the same book for consumption reasons, since it makes no sense that they do the same with some subjects such as Religion, whose message has been the same for 2,000 years.

Another measure to save money is the exchange of books in schools. However, although something is always something, there is little that can be exchanged due to the new editions. To end the rosary of aid for children's textbooks, scholarships for children's school supplies close the ranks. Yes, due to the crisis the budget for scholarships has been cut this year, so that the number of families that will benefit from this measure is reduced. And in this chapter the scholarships for dining rooms have also been reduced and new strikes in education are foreseen as of September 17.

With this scenario, we can only do the math. Additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions to make ends meet, to pay in installments what you can, to stretch the budget and save in the shopping cart. In many homes, we will see the sewing kit on the table again to fix skirts and pants to cope with the growth of children. This course is going to be tough.

Marisol New.

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