Trip to Venice with children, guide for the whole family

Trip to Venice with children, guide for the whole family

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Venice is a unique place in the world. And it deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Indissolubly linked to the image of its canals, Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, but without detracting from the charm of a trip as a couple, it is also a phenomenal destination for families with children.

The city of Venice is spread over 119 islands located in a wide lagoon located between the mainland and the sea. In much of Venice, there are no streets, but canals that are navigated by vaporettos, water taxis, or gondolas.

Water, the protagonist in Venice, is also to blame for one of the most curious effects of this place: the Acqua Alta, which floods a large part of the city very frequently, a hundred times a year.

St. Mark's Square is the lowest point in Venice and therefore the first to flood when the tide rises. But the Acqua Alta is so prevalent that the city and its residents are more than prepared. In San Marcos, for example, walkways are installed so that people can walk on the plaza without getting into the water.

If you have time, in addition to the island of Venice, it is worth visiting neighboring Murano, known worldwide for its high quality glass. It is very interesting to see how the artisans work the glass by heating it and giving it incredible shapes.

The colorful houses of Burano and the charm of Lido, where the Venice International Film Festival is held, also have great appeal.

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