Saint Cassius Day, June 30. Names for boys

Saint Cassius Day, June 30. Names for boys

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Casio is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "the warrior of the helmet". It is a very rare but exceptionally beautiful name that may be perfect for your child.

Coming from the oldest Roman tradition, Cassius is one of those names that bestows dignity and strength of character on whoever wears it. He celebrates his name day on June 30, which is Saint Cassius's day.

Because of the meaning of his name, Casio has an enigmatic personality that quickly seduces others. In addition, Casio exudes sympathy and kindness, so he has no problem integrating into any group. His sensitive and protective character makes him prone to acquire family responsibilities.

The name Cassius is known in all languages, although at present it is not very frequent in any area. Coming from the Roman family or gens Cassia, we also find variants in Cassius, Casiano and Nicasio, in addition to its feminine, Casia.

We know many personalities who were named after your son, especially in Roman antiquity. This is the case of the consul Espurio Caso, who created the Agricultural Law, the centurion who murdered Calígula, Casio Querea and the historian Dión Casio.

But it is in the English form of your son's name that most has been transmitted to us thanks to the mythical American boxer Cassius Clay, even though he later became Muhammad Ali.

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