Santa Gema Day, May 14. Names for girls

Santa Gema Day, May 14. Names for girls

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Gema is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means "sprout", in the sense of the desired fruit that emerges from the earth. Later it would also be given the current meaning of "precious stone".

It is therefore a name surrounded by beauty and ideal fantasy for your girl, since despite its long tradition, it remains fully topical. He celebrates his name day on May 14, which is the day of Santa Gema.

Because of the meaning of its name, Gema exudes beauty and delicacy. He has an enigmatic personality that easily catches others, which is why he is usually very successful in social relationships. In addition, Gema has a great capacity for effort and offers all her dedication to any project she undertakes.

The name Gema is known in several languages ​​with hardly any variations, although its spelling may vary according to the Gemma areas. In any case, it is one of those frequent names that have remained firm over the years without suffering wear and tear. One of those few longtime names that still sound modern.

Since she was the wife of the Italian poet Dante, Gemma Alighieri, many have been the women who have borne the name of your daughter. Today we find the beloved radio journalist Gemma Nierga, the theater actress Gemma Cuervo and the successful swimmer Gemma Mengual.

But if something especially attracts us about your daughter's name, it is the close relationship it has with precious stones, also called gems, which takes us to the world of the most refined beauty based on diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds.

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