A World of Moms: A Book Full of Magic

A World of Moms: A Book Full of Magic

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Children's books become real treasures every day. I mean A world of moms, a book specially oriented for all mothers and children. A big present!

This jewel of a book offers children as well as their parents a journey through the many roles that a mother usually plays: the powerful mom fairy, the sweet tooth gum mom, the warm fireplace mom, the comforting mom armchair, the crazy mom coca-cola, the reader little red riding hood mom, and endless profiles with which many mothers or grandmothers will be able to identify.

Do you venture to recognize a mom picasso, Monet or Mozart? Everything is possible in this book. The book also offers a text full of poetry, and beautiful illustrations. Through its multiple colors, the book transfers sympathy and sweetness. I have always believed that some books have no pages. We are the ones who learn and turn pages with them. And this is one of these magical books that make us feel cradled, and mothers with added value to those they already have. This book full of magic is a good gift proposal for Mother's or Grandma's Day. A world of moms. Text by Marta Gómez Mata and illustration by Carla Nazareth. Ed. Comanegra. Buy here Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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