Day of the Santa Calixta, April 25. Names for girls

Day of the Santa Calixta, April 25. Names for girls

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Calixta is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means "the most beautiful", so resounding is its meaning that it will accompany your girl throughout her life.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Calixta can be perfect for your daughter due to its musicality, the sweetness that it gives off and the beauty that it carries. He celebrates his name day on April 25, which is the day of Santa Calixta.

Due to the meaning of her name, Calixta implies a seductive and enigmatic personality surrounded by beauty and harmony. Peace and harmony accompany Calixta, who also has great communication skills. Her intuition and charm place her at the center of social relationships, and her tenacity and confidence make her prosper in everything she undertakes.

The name Calixta is known throughout the world, as is its masculine Calixto. Despite the enormous load of beauty that it carries, it has never been positioned as one of the frequent names, perhaps because its sound and meaning are somewhat overwhelming. It is undoubtedly a beautiful and daring name that will give your daughter a special charisma.

We know the name Calixta thanks to literature. Like the historical novel "Calixta" by John Henry Newman set in 3rd century Africa, or as the main character in Victoria Rodríguez's youth novel, "The Guardians of the Sword." Although it is in his masculine form, Calixto, where we best recognize a literary character of height in "La Celestina".

But we also meet real women of flesh and blood who are named after your daughter, such as the actress daughter of the mythical David Carradine, Calixta Carradine. And also an actress, in addition to being highly admired, loved and recognized throughout the world, we find Calixta Flockhart, known for starring in successful series such as "Ally McBeal" or "Five Brothers".

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