Trip to Dublin with children. Guide for the whole family

Trip to Dublin with children. Guide for the whole family

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Dublin, the Irish capital, is considered the "friendliest city in the world." And it is that one of the great attractions of this city is precisely the festive and pleasant character of its people.

Its lively streets, cute shops, historic buildings and character make Dublin a perfect city for a family outing with children. Discover in our Dublin guide what to do and what to see with children and let yourself fall in love with this charming place.

Founded by the Vikings at the beginning of the 9th century, the city of Dublin has a rich history that it does not forget and that today blends with modernity, without disregarding the most deeply rooted Gaelic traditions.

It is one of the most exciting European capitals and offers history, culture, architecture and lots of fun. Its fantastic coastline, its lush green areas, its urban and cosmopolitan style make Dublin a perfect cool destination for a pleasant getaway with children.

In mid-March the internationally known Saint Patrick's Festival takes place in Dublin. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ireland on these dates, do not hesitate, it is worth attending the parade in which thousands of people participate and enjoy the atmosphere that fills all Dubliners and tourists with green hats and smiles.

Discover the vibrant energy of Dublin with the tips we show you in our guide.

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