Saint Hilario's Day, January 13. Names for boy

Saint Hilario's Day, January 13. Names for boy

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Hilario is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means “the happy one” or “the smiling one”. It is a name that evokes joviality and a vital spirit, making it an ideal name to celebrate the joy with which you have received the arrival of your child. Hilario is not one of the most frequent names, but it has not lost its validity at all and also grants a certain distinction. He celebrates his name day on January 13, which is the day of San Hilario.

Showing the meaning of his name Hilario is dynamic, energetic and contagious with joy. He is vital and entrepreneurial and exudes optimism, so everyone wants to be by his side. But his joviality does not prevent him from having a great sense of responsibility and a great determination when it comes to solving problems. In addition, the name Hilario has a mysterious and seductive air that makes it very attractive.

The name Hilario is a perfect name for your son, which will also be easily recognized in all languages. In Catalan Hilari and in French Hilaire, the variant with which we are most familiar is his feminine in English, Hillary, which immediately reminds us of such personalities as Hillary Clinton or actress Hillary Swank.

But there are many famous men who have borne the name of your son. A name that did not begin to be used as its own until the arrival of Christianity, so before it must have been an adjective that characterized vital, cheerful and conciliatory people. Since then there have been many bishops, popes and monks named Hilario.

We also find characters who are closer in time who have helped popularize your son's name, such as the Spanish folk singer-songwriter Hilario Camacho or the Extremaduran artist Hilario Bravo. Although without a doubt, the one who has given the name Hilario the most fame has been the journalist Hilario Pino, one of the most familiar faces of the news in our country.

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