Day of Saint Ambrose, December 7. Names for boys

Day of Saint Ambrose, December 7. Names for boys

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Ambrosio is a name for a child of Greek origin that means "immortal". Although nowadays it is not widely used, it is a name that gives a great strength of character to every child who wears it. Closely related to Greek mythology, Ambrose's name has undeniable connotations of eternity. Celebrate your name day on December 7, what is the Saint Ambrose's day, bishop of Milan.

Given the strength of the proper name, children called Ambrosio tend to have a personality charged with duality. Thus, Ambrosio is tender as well as energetic, impulsive at times and thoughtful at others, and he tends to bet heavily on everything he believes in. In any case, he is a sensitive person, a lover of freedom and independence.

We find the name Ambrosio all over the world and, in case it seems a bit old-fashioned, you have the Catalan version Ambròs, which is very attractive. In French the name Ambrosio is Ambroise and in English Ambrose, while the version of the name in Italian, which is in the language that this proper name is used the most, is Ambrogio. Its female variant is Ragweed, a name for a girl directly from the Olympus of the Greek gods.

And it is that the immortality implied by the meaning of the name Ambrose derives directly from "ambrosia", which in mythology was neither more nor less than the food that the Greek gods ingested to keep their immortality intact. Along with nectar, ambrosia was the only food for the Olympian gods and on which they depended for their supernatural strength.

We are, therefore, before an ideal name for your baby, which will accumulate all the strength of history in its character, because Ambrosio is the name of painters and writers, but also of scientists, statesmen and explorers. A name that will lead your child to defend his ideals at all times.

If you want your child to learn to write hisname Ambrosio in calligraphy and you can also color it in uppercase and lowercase letters with the colors that you like the most, you just have to click on the name Ambrosio to print his beautiful name.

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