Kids Movie: The Adventures of Thaddeus Jones in 3D

Kids Movie: The Adventures of Thaddeus Jones in 3D

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On August 31st, The Adventures of Tadeo Jones in 3D hits theaters. Tadeo is a bricklayer who is mistaken for a famous archaeologist and will be sent on an expedition in Peru. With the help of their faithful dog Jeff, an intrepid teacher and a hustler, they will try to save the mythical Lost city of Paititi from the Incas from an evil treasure hunter corporation.

An animated story, full of fantasy, humor and with the addition of the 3D experience. In addition, Tadeo Jones is a Spanish product directed by Enrique Gato and with great voices such as Michelle Jenner and José Mota.

From our site we recommend it because it is a family comedy for everyone: children will stay with the plot and visual experiences, while adults will be able to go further and interpret the subtext of the messages they will come across. What we liked the most is the message of the film, the true treasures are found inside each one.

Name of the movie: The Adventures of Tadeo Jones in 3D.

Director: Enrique Gato.

Name of the producer: ElToro Pictures, Ikiru Films, Lightbox Entertainment, Telecinco Cinema, Telefónica Producciones.

Gender: Animated feature film. Comedy.

Recommended age: For all audiences.

Paula Guinot. Editor of our site

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