Children: the alarm clock on Sundays

Children: the alarm clock on Sundays

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ... and Sunday! Where are those weekends when the couple before becoming mom and dad could sleep late because the alarm clock didn't go off to go to work and there was no rush to go anywhere? Now my little morning larks come to take over from our alarm clock.

How wonderful are Sundays for children! For one day, they are the ones in charge of prowling around the house and loudly waking Mom and Dad, jumping into the big bed and asking inopportune "Mom are you awake?" Now yes, son, we will answer. Lurking in bed, maybe we can, but what it is like to sleep to make up the lost sleep of the weekly early rises, that may have to wait for when they are older.

While we are still semi-conscious, our son already begins to ask us, full of energy and jumping, where we will go today, when we are going to have breakfast, and to say to ourselves: I want to pee, I do not have the shoes ... the inevitable response of getting into orbit to start the day. Despite these drawbacks, Sundays can have a very special flavor. It is a day for our children to enjoy some privileges. Having the opportunity to crawl into their parents' bed, get kisses and tickles, pull the sheet, tuck under Dad's wing, or kick the gap between the two of us is something most of us have done.

I remember with great fondness how I would go to my parents' giant bed and they would take out the box of sweets from underneath, to invite me to one, even putting the lost bed for them. My Sundays tasted like almond polvorón and sesame kisses! Let's resign ourselves, our child's biological clock does not discriminate between holidays and weekdays, so let's enjoy our little earthquakes…, we can always regain sleep at nap… or when they are older. Dad, mom: to wake up that it is already Sunday!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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